Wedding Dress in Dusseldorf
by Kaviar Gauche

Wedding Dress in Düsseldorf - Find the perfect wedding dress of your dreams by Kaviar Gauche

Even if the studio of the bridal fashion label Kaviar Gauche is in Berlin, it is not necessary to travel to Berlin. The fashion brand also has wonderful bridal concept stores in Munich and Düsseldorf. Both Bridal Concept Stores offer a wide selection of dreamlike and fairytale wedding dresses. The store in Düsseldorf is located on the beautiful Königsallee. The stylish store in the typical Kaviar Gauche design with its high-quality interior itself appears like a noble piece of jewelry and offers the latest collections as well as popular classics of the label. In addition, there is a large selection of accessories, shoes and bags to offer customers an all-round harmonious bridal outfit. A special highlight is the sale bar, with which brides on a smaller budget can also find a dreamlike dress.

Brides are welcome to come alone, with their best friend or sister to try on the dress and choose the dream dress that suits their type and personal taste. Of course not every bride has to wear a dress. For those who prefer something a little more unusual, Kaviar Gauche also has a selection of trouser suits, jumpsuits and blazers. No bride is bound to traditional white when it comes to the choice of colours either, Kaviar Gauche offers some of their pieces in colours ranging from ivory to over pink. At Kaviar Gauche you can also choose two different outfits for your wedding: a little more plain or casual for the registry office and a dream dress for the big entrance in the church and at the wedding party. The stylistically confident advisors of Kaviar Gauche respond to your wishes with tact and sensitivity and give you expert advice on the way to your dream dress.

Düsseldorf Bridal Concept Store


Fantastically beautiful dresses - last minute or individual custom-made

Whether you need a last-minute dress or prefer custom-made, Kaviar Gauche offers every bride a complete service. At your appointment with our expert bridal consultant you will be helped to find the perfect outfit for your big day. (repeats itself somehow with the last sentence of the last section) Of course, you and your wishes and ideas come first. For many women, the ideal wedding dress is a purchase that will cost you a lot. So it is only too understandable that it should be perfect. Kaviar Gauche will be happy to realize custom-made products, minor adjustments of the fit or creative extra wishes for you. Our expert tailors will realize every wish and every detail of your very special dress made to measure. A made-to-measure production usually takes between three and six months.
For brides who do not have that much time left, the Bridal Concept Store has a large selection of wedding fashion in various sizes. These make it possible to take spontaneously discovered pieces of jewellery directly with you, without having to accept long production times.

Bridal Concept Store Düsseldorf


Matching accessories

To make sure the outfit for your wedding is perfect, it is best not to leave anything to chance when it comes to accessories. In the Bridal Concept Store of Kaviar Gauche in Düsseldorf you will find the matching accessories for every outfit. From romantic bridal jewellery such as hair bands and bracelets, earrings and necklaces to stylish belts in metallic look, stylish bridal bags and bridal shoes, a wide range of stylish accessories for the bride is available there. The stylish, knowledgeable ladies in our stores will advise you individually and competently. When designing the complete outfit for your wedding, you can confidently follow the stylish suggestions of Kaviar Gauche and celebrate your dream wedding as a radiantly beautiful bride!