Petite Fleur

Bridal Couture 2014

The ‘PETITE FLEUR’ collection is the sixth BRIDAL COUTURE line by designers Alexandra Roehler and Johanna Kühl.

The collection takes its inspiration from the delicate, graceful blossoms depicted on Chinese wedding porcelain. In order to satisfy the discerning eye of the Emperor, these blossoms had to be as white as Far Eastern jade and as delicate as tissue paper. Fragility and astounding resilience are also attributes ascribed to the porcelain. This contrast is referenced by KAVIAR GAUCHE in its ‘PETITE FLEUR’ bridal fashions, which enable the wearer to radiate grace and femininity like never before.

These inspirational blossoms make an appearance on the Bridal bridal dress designs in the form of French lace. This delicate detail is the golden thread that runs throughout the 16-piece collection, which is the result of high-quality craftsmanship and elaborate hand-sewn couture work.

In addition to the precious lace, which is traditionally produced by a French family-run company in Caudry, materials like georgette, silk organza and heavyweight silks are used. For the first time, embroidery is being used in the KAVIAR GAUCHE bridal wear – a blossom visual is used here too: the ‘Fleur de Camélia’ in a delicate lace look.

From opulent to carefree, from light to modern and casual – this collection offers the perfect dress for every wedding. The classic, delicate colour nuances, like ivory and powder, set the tone and envelop the bride in a subtle shimmer.

The silhouettes vary, but the emphasis on the waist that is so typical of KAVIAR GAUCHE remains – like the gilt edging on the wedding porcelain, the perfect finishing touch here is a shiny ribbon-look belt.

KAVIAR GAUCHE has created a collection for the modern bride, which once again successfully combines classic elements with contemporary ones. All of the dresses have clean lines and romantic detailing in common, each design captivating with its individualism and exciting contrasts.