Bridal Stories

Real Brides, real dresses, real stories. We love to see KAVIAR GAUCHE dresses on you & celebrate your big day together. Discover a selection of our beautiful brides in their unique wedding looks.

  • Rubina & Severin

    Rubina & Severin

    As two souls become one… Rubina and Severin’s wedding was a beautiful weekend-long celebration that took place at the stunning Villa Rizzardi. It was a magical affair that brought together family and friends to witness the union of these two wonderful souls.

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  • Anna  & Nick

    Anna & Nick

    Pizza, Pasta & Amore… In the heart of Tuscany, far from any big cities, Anna and Nick found the perfect location “The Lazy Olive” to celebrate their big wedding weekend. On Friday evening, around 100 guests arrived and gathered for the “Welcome Night”, a casual Italian Pizza Party, which was a homage to the motto of their wedding.

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  • Emma & Richy

    Emma & Richy

    Dolce Vita in the north…. Was the motto of the dream wedding of Emma and Richy.  For their special day, they planned an outdoor wedding ceremony where Emma drew all eyes in a Kaviar Gauche Twist Sweater Dress. In a charming private estate outside Hamburg, the bride and groom celebrated under the stars with a romantic atmosphere that captivated all their guests.

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  • Julia & Adam

    Julia & Adam

    Julia Haghjoo and her husband Adam celebrated between August and September 2022 as part of three celebrations. At her civil ceremony in London, Julia beamed in a Bardot neckline dress from the Sans Souci collection and in an intimate ceremony at the Kew Gardens as well in a tailored dress inspired by the jazz era of the 1920s.

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  • Nicole & Ethan

    Nicole & Ethan

    Nicole & Ethan celebrated a romantic wedding at a breathtaking private mansion in Montecito, California. Surrounded by their friends and family they had the best time. What better reason than love is there for a huge celebration?The californian climate, the love of the couple and the contagious happiness of their loved ones made this day so special. 

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  • Doreen & Quirin

    Doreen & Quirin

    So in love in Berlin – that’s the perfect description of Doreen & Quirin. For their wedding they had the idea to celebrate on a boat ride through Berlin with their loved ones.  Everyone had the best time celebrating them on that day.

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  • Liona & Peyman

    Liona & Peyman

    A big party was celebrated by Liona and Peyman for their dream wedding with family and friends. The location for the big celebration was the Finca Monica in the heart of Mallorca. A truly beautiful place. Up until the night everyone danced, laughed and celebrated the happy newlyweds. The pictures show that this day was all about love and fun.

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  • Dorothea & Max

    Dorothea & Max

    Back to the roots of their relationship is where Dorothea and Max went for their wedding. They said yes to each other in the beautiful Vollrads Castle.The location is not only beautiful but also has a symbolic value for the two. They met each other 10 years ago while studying in the neighboring town. This resulted in a wonderful lovestory that was now celebrated with friends and family.

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  • Alexandra & Calum

    Alexandra & Calum

    Just the two of us in New York City.. that was the wedding motto of Alexandra and Calum. They celebrated their love at the Beekman hotel. Afterwards they talk a walk through the City as newlyweds. Super romantic, just the two of them. 

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  • Nicole & Tilo

    Nicole & Tilo

    Congratulations to Nicole and Tilo! The couple tied the knot in a summer wedding among friends and family. Afterwards the celebration continued in the botanical garden in Munich.

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  • Theresa & Alexander

    Theresa & Alexander

    A romantic summer wedding is the motto that Theresa and Alexander had in mind for their wedding. They celebrated at the beautiful Morrhof location which was the perfect setting to enjoy their special day with friends and family. The Morrhof is a dream come true in the Palatinate of Germany.

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  • Magdalena & Jorge

    Magdalena & Jorge

    A wedding so beautiful you want to do it all over again. That’s how Magdalena & Jorge celebrated their wedding wit their loved ones in Lisbon and Italy. The locations, their looks & all the love that was felt made these events so special.

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  • Shawny & Franz

    Shawny & Franz

    A wedding as cool and chic as the couple themselves was celebrated by Shawny & Franz. They had an intimate and glamorous wedding with their loved ones around.

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  • Marina & Pete

    Marina & Pete

    A wedding at the waterfront… …that was Marinas and Petes dream and it came true. The couple got married at a private little ceremony at the Chiemsee in Bavaria.

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  • Charlotte & Martin

    Charlotte & Martin

    Charlotte & Martin – sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G… With these two everything happened really fast. They met – fell in love and got engaged right away. It was love at first sight.

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  • Caro & Luk

    Caro & Luk

    Cool & glamorous… That’s the only way to describe these young spouses Caro and Luk. The couple met through shared interest, but they’re inseperable in all parts of life so they wanted to make it official and get married.

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  • Franziska & Christoph

    Franziska & Christoph

    Congratulations to these two! The couple said yes to each other in a romantic Country- wedding in the East of Germany.

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  • Mengting & Achim

    Mengting & Achim

    Congratulation to Mengting & Achim. The couple celebrated with friends & family at a gorgeous destination wedding on a dreamy finca in Mallorca.

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  • Geesa & Florian

    Geesa & Florian

    Long live Geesa and Florian! The couple exchanged their wedding vows at lake Constance. They welcomed their wedding guests in Lindauer harbour and had a wonderful celebration of their love.

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  • Josi & Joey

    Josi & Joey

    One of the most impressive weddings of this wedding season: Josi and Joey – The Dobbertinis – celebrated their special day in Italy.

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  • Hülya & Orlando

    Hülya & Orlando

    An unforgettable moment – the dream couple was photographed by our favorite photographers Tali Photography. So much love captured in beautiful images to look back forever on these lovely memories.

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  • Sarah & Johannes

    Sarah & Johannes

    The happy couple Sarah and Johannes popped the corks and said yes to each other at a gorgeous summer wedding at Lake Tegernsee in beautiful Bavaria. In a private ceremony in a chapel close to the water they got married surrounded by their friends & family.

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  • Tala & Philip

    Tala & Philip

    Cool, cooler – Tali & Philip… In our eyes this was the coolest wedding of 2022 so far. Laid back and casual the couple decided to celebrate at the legendary rooftop of the Soho House Berlin.

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  • Linda & Simon

    Linda & Simon

    The late summer wedding of Linda and Simon took place at the luxurious Castle Weissenhaus. Close to the baltic sea they celebrated their love with their friends & family.

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  • Michelle & Inigo

    Michelle & Inigo

    These two celebrated their wedding at the same destination they ever took a trip to together: Mallorca. They had a very intimate & romantic ceremony.

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  • Elisa & Tyler

    Elisa & Tyler

    A fairytale wedding that looks like straight out of a bridal magazine… Elisa & Tyler celebrated their lovely wedding at the gorgeous location in Lake Lugano in Italy.

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  • Suzan & Florian

    Suzan & Florian

    Suzan and Florian celebrated close to their roots: they had their lovely wedding in their hometown Munich.

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  • Limly & Vincenzo

    Limly & Vincenzo

    The lovely couple Limly & Vincenzo, that are soon going to be a party of three, tied the knot in a romantic castle in the south of Germany.

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  • Shany & Dor

    Shany & Dor

    Congratulations to this cute couple! Shany & Dor got married in Tel Aviv – at a perfect location for a late summer wedding.

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  • Nina & Henning

    Nina & Henning

    The cute couple celebrated their wedding close to nature in the Bavarian Alps. The beautiful scenery and the Schlier-lake near by, they danced  and celebrated the whole day and early into the morning hours.

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  • Lin & Alexej

    Lin & Alexej

    The first lucky bride to get married in our new collection ‘IN FULL BLOOM’ was Lin. The lovely bride & her husband Alexej had a wonderful winter wonderland wedding.

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  • Rachel & Austin

    Rachel & Austin

    Rachel & Austin – a lovestory straight from sunny Los Angeles. The couple had their ceremony at the oldest private club in Downtown L.A. Such a Hollywood Wedding – we loved everything about it.

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  • Sabina & Lino

    Sabina & Lino

    An absolute dream wedding: the celebration of love of Sabina and Lino. They had their wedding on the picturesque island of Mykonos in the dream location Scorpios Mykonos.

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  • Cecile & Miko

    Cecile & Miko

    Cecile & Miko celebrated their love on the Sunshine Estate, a hotel near Essen in Germany. They said YES under the bright late summer sun and surrounded by their closest family & friends.

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  • Carolin & Alex

    Carolin & Alex

    These two probably had one of the most romantic weddings this year. They got married in October which is one of the best months to get married – not quite warm anymore but you can still have an outdoor wedding and everything is still in full bloom.

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  • Hanne & Moritz

    Hanne & Moritz

    Let me introduce to you Mr. & Mrs. cool and glamorous: Hanne and Moritz. The couple got married at a castle in the north of the Rhineland in Germany.

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  • Anne & Benny

    Anne & Benny

    We are in love with this dream couple. Anne & Benny shine at their wedding last summer and enchant with an unmistakable charm.

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  • Anja & Oliver

    Anja & Oliver

    The lovely german actress Anja Klinge celebrated her secret wedding with great attention. So much love and happiness in every part of her special day.

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  • Magdalena & Benedict

    Magdalena & Benedict

    Congratulations to Magdalena and Benedikt. The lovely couple got married at the Klosterhof Knechtsteden. It is a former monestary and the perfect romantic setting for an intimate wedding close to nature.

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  • Charly


    We got a beautiful insight into the gorgeous wedding of Charly. She got married at sundown in lovely Marrakesh. The boho style wedding is such a dream.

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  • Jana & Philip

    Jana & Philip

    Jana & Phillip are such a cool couple. Definetly a dream team. And that’s how their wedding was as well: an absolute dream. They are one of our most stylish couples of the last bridal season.

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  • Carina & Mario

    Carina & Mario

    Carina & Mario celebrated their dream wedding in sunny Munich. Such a classic, romantic and lovely wedding. So glad we got to see some beautiful impressions.

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  • Steph


    Steph is our winning bride! Out of all the beautiful photos of our Kaviar Gauche brides we raffled a lucky winner: Steph and her dream wedding in the Papillon d’Amour Dress.

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  • Kyra & Michael

    Kyra & Michael

    Kyra & Michael had their wedding on a boat on the Starnberger Lake near Munich – a dream came true for the lovely couple.

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  • Katharina & Nicolas

    Katharina & Nicolas

    Perfect light, perfect couple, perfect dress… The bride wore on of our classic designs: the Bustier Dress with our popular Metallic Bow Belt Maxi.

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  • Franzi & Jan

    Franzi & Jan

    The newlyweds Franzi & Jan had their lovely celebration at the Gut Mönkhof in Lübeck, Germany. We love all the dreamy pictures of that day.

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  • Carola & Patrick

    Carola & Patrick

    Carola & Patrick celebrated their dream wedding at the beautiful Hermesvilla in their hometown Vienna.

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  • Swantje & Artem

    Swantje & Artem

    They say ,,Marry your best friend” and there is some truth to that. Eternity is too long not to spend it with your closest friend. So that’s what Swantje & Artem did in a lovely civil ceremony.

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  • Jessica & Louis

    Jessica & Louis

    ,,It was time to say ,yes’ to the greatest love of my life.” A quote of the bride Jessica about her wedding to her husband Louis. Do we need to say more? So much love.

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  • Mimi & Otto

    Mimi & Otto

    The actress Mimi Fiedler celebrated her church dream wedding with her husband Otto Steiner at Pertenstein Castle in Chiemgau. The bride enchanted her future husband and the guests with a wonderful wedding dress by Kaviar Gauche Bridal Couture.

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  • Aline & Karl

    Aline & Karl

    Real bride Aline said YES to her prince charming in a lovely September wedding. They celebrated with close family and friends.

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  • Delia & Max

    Delia & Max

    Nicole & Ethan celebrated a romantic wedding at a breathtaking private mansion in Montecito, California. Surrounded by their friends and family they had the best time. What better reason than love is there for a huge celebration?The californian climate, the love of the couple and the contagious happiness of their loved ones made this day so special. 

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