Blanc de Blancs


Noble, Sparkling and light as a feather. Nothing represents the French savior vivre in it’s perfection more than a Blanc de Blancs matured to champagne. With this Bridal Couture Collection 2019, the designers from Kaviar Gauche refer to the festive elixir to clarify how they currently define bridal fashion: as a finely tuned mixture of sensual romance and lively freshness, which results from the finest materials and thoroughly craftmanship.

With a total of 18 looks, the designer duo Alexandra Roehler and Johanna Kühl fulfill practically all wishes that a self confident bride could have for her wedding look. In addition to puristic looks, characterized by luxurious materials and sophisticated cuts, hand-embroidered robes with fine applications made of French lace, are evidence of the highest art of tailoring. 

The main attraction of the collection – the Blanc de Blancs dress – impresses with it’s body-hugging lines, which skillfully emphasize the natural beauty of the bride. The dress, which at first glance is almost understated, impresses with it’s extraordinary details such as the back neckline, the train and the elaborate draping.

The silhouettes within the collection vary, but the label’s typical emphasis on the waist remains in the coming season. The popular metallic belt in silver serves as the perfect accessory as a real KAVIAR GAUCHE classic. What is new, on the other hand, is the multiple openings at the back: Deep necklines add a tactfully seductive touch to the Blanc de Blancs, the Champagne- Lace dress, the Palais- Cuveé and the Bellini Knit Sweater. 

The characteristic Kaviar Gauche attributes of lightness and sensuality are achieved primarily through the use of extremely delicate fabrics such as crepe de chine, silk organza and tulle. The subject of the collection is also reflected in the materials used. The bubble lace looks like sparkling champagne and completes the airy, delicate charm of the dresses.

The typical Kaviar Gauche reference to nature is symbolized with the vine in this collection. As French lace, it is artfully applied to the fine bridal dresses and adorns the White Flora model as well as the Blanch Fleur Bustier Dress. 

Finally, all elements of the collection are combined in the Cuvée lace. Just as champagne is tied to that northern French place of production, the unique Calais-Coudry lace is elaborately handcrafted exclusively in the Hauts de France region.
Kaviar Gauche is excited about the upcoming wedding season and gives every reason to celebrate with the Blanc de Blances collection.