Couture loves Conscious

Sustainability is a process. For us at Kaviar Gauche this means we are constantly searching for new ways to improve sustainability throughout all processes.

Made with Love in Germany

Kaviar Gauche is ,,made and produced in Germany’’. We are avoiding long and unnecessary transports by choosing European fabrics and materials. The Kaviar Gauche products are made out of 50% natural materials. We are constantly sourcing new materials. We are focussing on searching sustainable fabrics that represent the aesthetic couture standards of the brand.

All couture & made to measure pieces are made in Berlin. We craft all Couture pieces In our own Berlin atelier where we also develop all new collections. 20% of our Ready to Marry pieces are made in other European countries, Everything else is made in Berlin.

Our accessoires are produces in Germany and Europe. We also apply high production standards to other brands that we offer. 

Sustainability also means social fairness. Through the production in Germany and the long & loyal cooperation with our European producers we create a responsible supply chain.

Through our made to order process our overproduction is close to zero. On top of that: all made to measure pieces are individually fittet to the customer to create a unique masterpiece each time. Please keep in mind that the process can take up 4-6 months and plan your appointments accordingly.

Our high quality products are “made to last”, the higher the quality of the piece the longer our customers will enjoy each piece.