La Vie En Rose


With the LA VIE EN ROSE collection presented in Paris, KAVIAR GAUCHE is showing its bridal couture designs for 2018 through rose-tinted spectacles: for the first time not just ivory, but also powdery rosé nuances and pale pinks grace the catwalk. Because that’s exactly the spirit of the collection’s title, so beautifully sung in 1945 by Edith Piaf:

LA VIE EN ROSE – ‘floating in heaven’, ‘sleeping in a bed of rose petals’ and ‘seeing life through rose-tinted spectacles’ are different takes on this French idiom.

In addition to this main theme, the two head designers Alexandra Fischer-Roehler and Johanna Kühl found inspiration once again in flowers of all kinds, providing a floral element to almost the entire collection.

The 24 looks comprise the Kaviar Gauche-typical bridal designs, the bridal couture collection, ready-to-marry and couture dresses, as well as occasion and red carpet looks. Especially delicate, transparent fabrics such as chiffon, organza and silk tulle were selected for the dresses.

In addition to the daring new hues, the sumptuous tulle silhouette seen in previous collections has been tweaked to provide a figure-hugging, long and narrow silhouette, adding a new twist to the portfolio with a sophisticated cut that constitutes a new signature silhouette. This is cut from the lower hip like a calyx, a kind of bell shape, the “calice design” of the collection (French: Calice = Calyx), which is presented in three versions.

This time Kaviar Gauche takes the game of contrasts lightly, with subtle takes on heterogeneous material mixes – delicate silk tulle meets pink knit. But masculine trouser and blazer looks are also integrated and show the diversity of the collection.

The highlight of the presentation is the LA VIE EN ROSE DRESS, embroidered by hand with innumerable blossoms, enveloping the wearer in flowers.

Another highlight is the bouquet dress made with 100 metres of candy-floss-coloured tulle with appliqued silk florals at the bodice. This couture dress is embellished with a band printed with the words ‘From Kaviar Gauche with Love’ summing up the label’s message.

For the creation of the headpieces and neck jewellery, Kaviar Gauche collaborated closely with the designer Huli Khuvilai of the accessory label Kokoro, and together developed the Sleeping Beauty fascinators for this collection, which pick up on and develop the colour and formal language in a special way. The highlights that resulted from this collaboration also present a modern day “rosy” take on myrtle crowns that were worn around the turn of the century as bridal hair decorations and were passed down through generations.

Traditional craftsmanship techniques and finest materials used in couture, are the foundation of this accessory collection. The resulting crowns are elaborately finished pieces of jewellery. In minute painstaking work, fine silk fabrics are cut by hand into petals, pressed into shape with the greatest care and artfully composed to create roses and branches. The exclusive fascinators with their crystalline thorns provide the wearer with a graceful, almost regal touch.

Matching belts and shoes in the colours of the collection complete the bridal look for the coming year. Suited to the collection’s theme, a Cinderella mule was developed, creating a playful contrast to the fabulous fairytale-like dresses, adding a casual element through the use of modern materials. With the new signature belts in rosé, different high-tech materials were also used and finished with an asymmetrical wrap technique.

Romantic femininity, French elegance and a natural effortlessness are the main attributes of the current collection, as of their wearers. Once again Kaviar Gauche has created looks for the modern and feminine woman who dares to tread new paths, thereby winning hearts with her positive attitude.

As a contrast to the fairy-tale presentation, Kaviar Gauche chose the dark romantic rock ballad “Where the Wild Roses Grow”. The duet, written by Nick Cave especially for Kylie Minogue, provided some goose-bump moments during the défilé.

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