Kaviar Gauche

A romantic wedding in California..


was celebrated by Nicole & Ethan in a breathtaking private mansion in Montecito. Surrounded by their friends and family they had the best time. What better reason than love is there for a huge celebration?
The californian climate, the love of the couple and the contagious happiness of their loved ones made this day so special. 


Not only the Location was an dream come true. The bride looked absolutely amazing. She chose the short Bowerall in combination with the Over The Sky Skirt. The romantic and modern look was a perfect fit for her and her wedding.


For their future we hope that the couple celebrates their whole life together as beautifully as on their wedding day. We wish them all the best for their future together. All the love and happiness. 


Thank you to Jen for the amazing pictures. 


Kaviar Gauche

So in love in Berlin..


.. that's the perfect description of Doreen &  Quirin. That's why for their wedding on the 22th of August of 2022 they had the idea to celebrate on a boat ride through Berlin with their loved ones.  Everyone had the best time celebrating them on that day. Definetly a day to remember. 


For this once in a lifetime occasion the bride chose the modern and romantic Bowerall. The perfect look for such a cool wedding. 


We are so happy for the newlyweds and wish them so much love, laughter and happiness for their future together.


Thank you to Corinna for the lovely pictures. 


Kaviar Gauche

A big party..

was celebrated by Liona and Peyman for their dream wedding with family and friends. The location for the big celebration was the beautiful Finca Monica in the heart of Mallorca. A truly beautiful place. Up until the night everyone danced, laughted and celebrated the happy newlyweds. The pictures show that this day was all about love and fun. 

The beautiful bride Liona chose a modern but romantic look for her big day. She wore the Edgy Dream Dress which underlined her elegant look perfectly. In combination to the dress she wore a traditional veil. 


We wish the happy couple all the best for their future together. We hope that their love is growing with each year that they spend together and that they keep elebrating their love forever.


A big thank you to Chris and Ruth for the gorgeous pictures. 




Kaviar Gauche

Where it all began...


that's what Dorothea and Max had in mind for their wedding. They said yes to each other in the beautiful Vollrads Castle. The location is not only beautiful but also has a symbolic value for the two. They met each other 10 years ago while studying in the neighboring town. This resulted in a wonderful lovestory that was now celebrated with friends and family.

The bride wore the modern and at the same time romantic Button Blazer Dress combined with a chic veil. She looked absolutely fabulous. The joy of the two is really contagious.


We wish the newlyweds all the best for their future together. Here's to many more years of joy and love.


Thanks to Gloria for the great pictures!


Kaviar Gauche

Just the two of us in New York City..


that was the wedding motto of Alexandra and Calum. They celebrated their love at the Beekman hotel. Afterwards they talk a walk through the City as newlyweds. Super romantic, just the two of them. 
To fit the modern and elegant wedding that they had Alexandra wore the Puffy Sleeve Blazer Dress. She completed her look with the Kaviar Gauche Veil.
Her whole look represented romantic elegance and modernity.

We wish the newlyweds all the best for their future together. May they continue to shine so beautifully together!


Thank you to Anna Vallejo for the stunning pictures! 



Kaviar Gauche

Congratulations Nicole and Tilo!


The cople tied the knot on the 5th of August 2022 among friends and family. Afterwards the celebration continued in the botanical garden in Munich. Nicole chose our Puffy Blazer Dress. A  short dress with extravagant sleeves - perfect for a summer wedding. She paired it with matching white sunglasses and voila: the perfect Summer Civil Wedding look. 


A toast to the happy couple!


Thank you for the amazing pictures, Katarina


REAL WEDDING Theresa & Alexander

Kaviar Gauche

A romantic summer wedding...


is the motto that Theresa and Alexander had in mind for their wedding on the 30th of April of 2022. They had their wedding at the beautiful Morrhof location which was the perfect setting to celebrate their special day with friends and family. The Morrhof is a dream come true in the Palatinate of Germany. The bride chose the Flirty Daisy Dress to match the romantic location. The hand-applied daisy blossoms underline the fairytale touch of the wedding.


We wish the newlyweds all the best for their future together!

Thanks to Lisa & Sven for the great pictures.



Kaviar Gauche

A wedding so beautiful you want to do it all over again..

that's how Magdalena and Jorge celebrated their civil wedding with their loved ones on the 4th of July 2022 in Lisbon. The bride wore a custom made Oversized Suit for this romantic day. Magdalena wanted an oversized but fitted look, so the suit was perfectly made for her. This modern look was completed by a romantic Headpiece.


Fate made sure that these two find each other. They met through mutual friends and as luck would have it two weeks later they were sitting next to each other in a club. This resulted in a love that is made to last forever.

The big wedding celebration with their families and friends took place on the 9th of July 2002 in the breathtaking Villa Rizzardi in Italy. This beautiful vineyard with it's scenery is the perfect location for a romantic wedding. Magdalena chose the elegant Rosebud Dream Dress for this day. The look was made complete with a long veil for a dreamy look. Everything about this wedding was simply perfect and everyone will remember it forever.



We wish Magdalena and Jorge all the best for their future together. We hope that their love for each other only grows with the years and that they will share a lot of beautiful memories like this one.


Thank you Adriana for the beautiful pictures of the civil wedding and thank you to Irina and Matej for the pictures from Italy.



Kaviar Gauche

A weeding as cool and chic as the couple themselves..

We congratulate our beautiful couple Shawny and Fritz! They celebrated their love for each other on the 23rd of july of 2022 in an intimate and glamorous wedding with their loved ones around.
Shawny wore the Fringe Lingerie Dress for her summer wedding, which matches her romantic but also modern elements. She also chose the gorgeous Prima-Vera Couture Dress for her special day.  The Look was completed with the Edgy Veil that underlined her personal look perfectly.

We wish you all the best for your future together. May it be filled with lots of love.

Thank you Luise Amelie for the pictures!


Kaviar Gauche

A wedding at the waterfront...


..that was Marinas and Petes dream and it came true on the 7th of July 2022. The couple got married at a private little ceremony at the Chiemsee in Bavaria. After exchanging vows the couple invited friends and family to a reataurant near by: Gut Aitersbach

Marina choose a dress that was designed after her personal wishes but was inspired by our gorgeous Areille Volant Dress in combination with our New Metallic Belt.



We wish you all the best for your future together, Marina & Pete!


Special thanks to the amazing photgrapher Conny.


Kaviar Gauche

Cool & glamorous...


The only way to decribe these young spouses Caro and Luk. The couple met trough their shared hobby: Fitness. But they are inseperable in all parts of life so they wanted to make it official and got married. Their civil wedding took place on the 7th of July 2022 and Caro choose to wear our Bowerall Long. It's the perfect look for a young and modern pride and can also be worn after the wedding. 


We wish you love and bliss for your future, Caro & Luk!


Thank you for the amazing pictures, Luisa!






Kaviar Gauche

Charlotte & Martin - sitting in a tree- K-I-S-S-I-N-G..


With these two everything happened really fast. They met- fell in love and got engaged right away. It was love at first sight.

On the 16th of july they finally got married in a big ceremony at 'Villa Hasenholz' in the contryside in the east of Germany. The old Villa offers enough space and a big ballroom for the dancing growd. 

The bride wore our White Crystal Sleeve Dress: A romantic wedding dress with an avant-garde cut and glittering fabric for the romantic bride. 


We wish you all the love and joy in the world for your future together, Charlotte & Martin!


Thank you for the stunning pictures, Julia & Gil!






Kaviar Gauche

Congratulations to Franzsika & Cristoph!


The couple said YES on the 31st of june.It was a romantic Country- wedding in the east of Germany. Family and close friends gatheres to celebrate the happy couple in their favorite restaurant: Der Kulturwirt in Egglham. Franziska wore our Pure Palais Dress- its a very contemporary bridal look. It's simple yet very sophisticated and can alse be worn for other white collar events. 


Thank you for the beautiful pictures, Madeleine!



Kaviar Gauche

Congratulation to Mengting and Achim!


The bigger the better. The couple invited friends and family to a true destination wedding. They exchanged their vows on the 27th of May 2022 on a dreamy finca on Mallorca. With such an extravagant venue you need a dress to match that so she chose our Flirty Daisy Dress- it has a striking V-neck and little daisy flowers handapplicated all over the transparent top. The skirt is a dream made of tulle and creates a princess dress shilouette. 


We are so happy for Mengting & Achim. 



The wonderful pictures were taken by the incredibly talented Tali.



Kaviar Gauche

Long live Geesa and Florian!


The couple exchanged their wedding vows on the 14th of may 2022 at lake Constance. It's located between Germany, Switzerland and Austria. 

They met their wedding guests in Lindauer harbour and celebrated at 'Restaurant Weiß' in a town called Bregenz. 
The bride wore our Arielle Volant Dress - a wonderfully opulent A lines shaped dress- elegant and feminine at the same time. 


What a dream wedding for a dreamy couple. 


Thank you for the amazing pictures, Lisa.










Kaviar Gauche


Congratulation to Sarah & Johannes and their bavarian dream wedding!

The couple celebrated their wedding at a tiny capel right at the Tegernsee. It was a small ceremonie with just the closest friends and family.

It was a smart move on Sarahs part: The smaller the venue, the bigger the dress. She wore out Godess Iris Couture Dress. It is a lace top covered with hundreds of flowers and a wide A- line skirt- a real princess dress. 


All the best to you two, Sarah & Johannes!


And thank you so much for the amazing Pictures, Miriam!


Real Wedding Annette & Timm

Kaviar Gauche Bridal Dress | Brautkleid | Annette Real Wedding | Bridal Story

In the middle of the impressive alpine scenery Anette & Timm celebrated with just their closest friends and family. The Kaviar Gauche bride impressed with a combination of the Godess Top and the Flirty Fairy Skirt. A beautiful mix of floral elements and a timeless, free swinging skirt


 Thank you for the beautiful picture Tobias Kempe.

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Real Wedding Steph

Real Bride Steph

In 2017 we had a little playful contest: Real Brides could send us their favorite picture in our dress and received a little present. We were excited about EVERY SINGLE picture that reached us but we had to pick a winner: The winner is STEPH in her dreamy Papillon d'Amour Dress 



your Kaviar Gauche Team.


Thank you for the gorgeous picture, Nancy.


Kaviar Gauche

A summer wedding on a boat on Starnberger Lake near Munich- a dream came for Kyra & Michael.

Afterwards the party continued at luxurious 'La Villa' right by the lake. Kyra chose to wear our airy and modern Tiffany Jumpsuit- with a cute Volant at the neckline to give it the little extra. An outfit perfect for the boat, a dance, for cutting the cake and for saying YES to the love of your life. 


We cheers to you, Kyra & Michael!


warm wishes also go out to talented fotographer Katarina for capturing the beautiful moments. 






Kaviar Gauche

Cool, cooler- Tali & Philip..


In our eyes this way the coolest wedding of the year 2022 so far. 

Laid back and causual the couple desided to celebrate at Soho House Berlin- on the legendary roof top. Since summer season is finally here the bride chose the perfect dress to go along with the hip location and the warm summer breeze: Our modern yet extravagant Twist Pulli Dress.


Congratulation to the gorgeous couple!


Thank you Dani for the amazin pictures. 







Kaviar Gauche

The first day of octover 2021 was a very special day for Linda and Simon...they finally said YES to each other. 

The late summer wedding took place in the luxurious Castle Weissenhaus. The hotel is located right by the Ostsee and is the perfect place to have a big wedding with many guests. Lucky for Linda it was still warm enough to wear the gorgeous A-line Rosebud Bustier Dress. For the later hours of the big day she combined the dress with our Bellini Knit Sweater, made of soft mohair. 


We wish you all the best, Linda & Simon!


Thank you for the amazing pictures, Yana.





Kaviar Gauche

Michelle and Inigo got married in Mallorca, a dreamy spanish island and actually the first place they ever took a trip to together. How romantic is that?!


The couple eloped in June 2021...without any guests but with a lot of love in their heart. A wedding can't get much more intimate than that and we are here for it. 

Michelle was wearing the Cloudy Blossom Dress - a feminine V-neck wedding dress with a flowing long skirt that is very elegant and exactly the right dress for this romantic setting. 


Congratulation Michelle and Inigo. We wish you all the best and many more trips to Mallorca. 


Thank you for these amazing pictures, Juan






Kaviar Gauche

A fairy tale wedding like straight from a bridal magazine...

Elisas and Tylers wedding last summer really didn't miss a single thing. The ceremony took place at the luxurious Splendide Royal Hotel at Lake Lugano in italy. The couple arrived in a Motoryacht of course. With a spectacular wedding like this you need the perfect dress to go with it. Elisa wore our Flirty Daisy Dress- a feminine robe with a striking V-neck and hand applicated daisy flowers. The Skirt is multilayerd  and made of  tulle to give the dress the princess-like shape. 

Congratulations to the happy couple!


Thank you for the truly amazing pictures David & Kathrin.



Danke für die unglaubich schönen Bilder David & Kathrin.


Kaviar Gauche

Our warmest wishes go out to Suzan and Florian. The happy couple got hitches almost a year ago to the day. We thought that's reason enough to celebrate. 

The pair had their civil wedding in munich, their hometown city. Suzan wore out Edgy Pinot Overall combined with a silver metallic belt that gave the look the extra spark. More and more women tend to prefer a modern and comfortable look, especially for their civil wedding. A Jumpsuit or a Suit can be just as glamorous and festive as a dress. 

Thank you for the beautiful picures, Katrin.




Kaviar Gauche

Cutest Couple allert!

Limly and Vincenzo look at each other how everyone wants to be looked at by their significant other. 

They tied the knot on the 3rd of Juli in a castle in the south of Germany. Limly wore our Pure Sky Dress- an elegant, feminine wedding dress with a pure bow tied at the neck that also leaves room for Limlys little baby bump. 





thank you for the pictures, Nicole.


Kaviar Gauche

Congratulations to Magdalena and Benedikt..


The lovely couple got married on 17th of february 2021 at Klosterhof Knechtsteden. It is a former monestary and the perfect romantic setting for a little wedding close to nature. 

Magdalena looked like a fairy godess in our Flirty Daisy Dress. The dress is covered in daisy flowers and the top part is seductively transaprent with a voluminous skirt on the bottom. 


We wish you a fairytale future, Magdalena & Benedikt. 

Thank you for the amazing fotos Annalena


Kaviar Gauche

Congratulation to this cute couple!


Shany and Dor got married on the 15th of october 2021 in Tel Aviv. The exact location is Tsoof Farm a little outside the city. A green wonderland - perfect for a late summer wedding. Shany wore our Rosebud Bustier Dress. It has a wonderful A-line shape and convinces with its voluminous skirt and free shoulder area.


Congratulations Shany & Dor!


Thank you for the amazing pictures Matan Katz.


Kaviar Gauche

Congratulations to Nina & Henning!


The cute couple celebrated their wedding close to nature in the Bavarian Alps. The beautiful scenery and the Schlier-lake near by, they danced  and celebrated the whole day and early into the morning hours.

The bride dressed accordingly to the warm weather in a custom made summer wedding dress by us. It is a combination of a form fitting corsage and a multi layered volant- skirt made of silk.


All the best to the happy couple!


Thank you for the amazing fotos: @vividsymphony.


Kaviar Gauche

The first lucky bride to get married in our new collection 'IN FULL BLOOM' was Lin.


Lin und Alexej walked down the aisle on the 3rd of december 2021 and had a beautiful winter wonderland wedding.

Lin wore a gorgeous ensemble - the Tea Rose Top combined with the Sable Flare Pants. A look as cool and unconventional as the bride herself. 



Congratulations to Lin & Alexej and all the best for your future. 


Thank you for the amazing pictures, Ekaterina


Kaviar Gauche

Rachel & Austin- a love story straight from sunny Los Angeles.

Rachel and Austin finally said YES at a ceremonie at the oldest private club in Downtown LA. The wedding was held on febraury 20th 2022 at Jonathan club.  -  where old money meets modern fashion. 
Rachel wore our cool and modern Twist Dress. A dress literally made for Hollywood. 


Congratulations to your beautiful wedding Rachel & Austin. 


Thank you for the amazing pictures Jenna Rose Photography.



Kaviar Gauche

Love means surrendering to an incredible force that brings two people together in the craziest and most beautiful of ways. It means sometimes waiting a long time for the stars to align in the perfect constellation until you find the right partner. And once you find that special love, it is worth every moment of the ups and downs.

Congratulations to our bride and groom Sabina and Lino who celebrated their love together with friends and family on the picturesque island of Mykonos in the dream location Scorpios Mykonos.
Sabina shines in our glamorous Puffy Blazer Dress. We believe in true love and the beautiful connection Sabina and Lino share and wish them to live their best lives together filled with happiness and joy.

Thank you The Saums for the pictures.


Kaviar Gauche

Carolin & Alex- probably one of the most romantic weddings of 2021.


October is one of the best month to get married. It's not quite as warm anymore but you can still have an outdoor wedding and everything is still in full bloom. 


It is also the perfect wedding to wear our Bowerall Long and that's exactly the outfit Carolin chose for her big day. The Overall Long is a comfortable Overall but the big bow in the front and the off shoulder straps give it the right amount of feminity and a romantic touch to make it a special piece. 


We wish you all the best and a bright and love filled future, Carolin & Alex.


Thank you for the amazing pictures, Laura








Kaviar Gauche

Cecile and Miko celebrated their love on the Sunnshineestate, a Hotel near Essen. They said YES under the bright late summer sun and surrounded by their clostest family & friends. 


Cecile choose a dreamy ensemble by Kaviar Gauche: The Buttercup Top & Pure Skirt. The top is playful and perfect for summer, combined with a wide flowing skirt. 


We wish you both the best for your future together, Cecile & Miko!


Thanks go out to the amazing photographer, Maria Kreibich.



Kaviar Gauche

Real bride Aline said 'YES' to her Prince Charming on the third of September 2021. They celebrated with close family and friends in a luxurious hotel at a Castle in Heinsheim. 


Aline had her personal princess moment in our glamorous Papillon D'amour Dress. It is a very special creation made of deliate lace and tulle. Little butterflies on a sheer top and a wide flowing skirt make this dress a fairytale. 


We are so happy we could contribute to your special day, Aline & Karl.


Thank you for the amazing pictures @the.saums. 






Kaviar Gauche

Let me introduce to you Mr. & Mrs. Cool & Glamorous - Hanne and Moritz.


The Couple got married in a beautiful little ceremony on June 26th 2021 at a castle in Koblenz. The castle is located north of the Rhineland - a very green and prosperous part of germany. So it was the perfect place to celebrate their love for Hanne and Moritz. 


Hanne wore our Asymmetric Bustier Overall which is a modern approach to a wedding dress and a more laid back option. It is strapless and made of breathable materials so it is perfect for a summer wedding.

Congratulation to the happy couple!

Thank your for the gorgeous pictures : @iamvalentinolo




Kaviar Gauche

'What does it mean to be married? And who makes the rules for mariage?' asks Katharina, when someone asks the former vice Miss Germany, why she got married so early on in life.


'We felt right away that we don't want to be apart for even one day' adds Katharina.

We think that's plenty of reason.


Congratulaion to Anna and Katharina for finding their twin flame so early on and embark on the journey of life together. Katharina is wearing our wonderful Valentine Dress: The perfect symbiosis of elegance and femininity. The wafer thin straps and the open back emphasize her gorgeous figure. 

Thank your for those beautiful picture @daniloandsharon.


Kaviar Gauche

Sought, found and connected by love!

Congratulations to this beautiful Couple on their dream wedding in Baden- Baden. Gianna was a stunning Kaviar Gauche bride who enchanted everyone in a boho style. She chose our Pure Sky Dress, which is a simple yet elegant wedding dress. The dress is part of our Cloud No. 9 Collection and its A-line cut flatters the silhouette. The simple bow that ties at the neck completes the look and adds a playful touch to the style. In addition, the ivory floor-length wedding dress is high-necked by the front stand-up collar. Gianna playfully combined a flower crown with it.


We wish them all the best on their journey into their future together.

The beautiful wedding moments were captured by photographer @stefanarmbruster.



Kaviar Gauche

They say, "Marry your best friend," and there is some truth to that. Eternity is too long not to spend it with your closest friend.

In this sense, we are very happy that Swantje found and married her best friend, lover and business partner Artem. We wish you a lifetime of happiness and friendship.

Swantje chose a modern and timeless look for her civil ceremony. She wore our modern oversize blazer in combination with the flowing New Wing Pants. The satin blazer, captivates with a filigree scarf with fringe trim draped on just one shoulder. A look that exudes pure glamour and extravagance, yet has a certain nonchalance. The ideal embodiment of a modern bride.


Kaviar Gauche

"It was time to say 'yes' to the greatest love of my life. 24/7 Thank you, for the beautiful day and the longest nights of my life," writes Jessica on Instagram, who officially announced her wedding ceremony with Louis on 07/28.

The actress exudes pure elegance in our Edgy Dream Dress from the Cloud Nº9 collection. A wedding dress made for Jessica. The dress is characterized by its modern, simple cut, the casual pockets, a deep neckline and back cutout, as well as refined pleats in the voluminous skirt part.
By emphasizing the silhouette, the wedding dress additionally flatters the femininity of the modern bride. We wish them all the best for their future together.


Photo: Melanie Eichmann

REAL WEDDING Antonia & Robert

Kaviar Gauche

They celebrated love, life and togetherness!
Congratulations to Antonia and Robert on their dream wedding in the Pfalz. The two models created a Tuscan inspired summer dream at the German Mussler winery in Bissersheim.

Antonia is wearing a custom wedding dress by Kaviar Gauche.

She told Vogue Germany:
"Kaviar Gauche means "modern bride" to me. I was allowed to work with them before, which was an absolutely great experience, so I also have a personal relationship with the label, the two great designers and the staff:inside. It was just a perfect fit to wear a dress from Kaviar Gauche. In addition, I got the opportunity there to make all my ideas and wishes come true. They have virtually my dream dress from my thoughts into reality. "

We wish the bride and groom all the best for their future.

Photos: Marie Bärsch Photography

REAL WEDDING Sabina & Lino

Kaviar Gauche

Love means surrendering to an incredible force that brings two people together in the craziest and most beautiful of ways. It means sometimes waiting a long time for the stars to align in the perfect constellation until you find the right partner. And once you find that special love, it is worth every moment of the ups and downs.

Congratulations to our bride and groom Sabina and Lino who celebrated their love together with friends and family on the picturesque island of Mykonos in the dream location Scorpios Mykonos.
Sabina shines in our glamorous Flirty Glitter Dress with Sleeves from the Crystal Collection. We believe in true love and the beautiful connection Sabina and Lino share and wish them to live their best lives together filled with happiness and joy.

Thank you Tali Photography for capturing this beautiful moment.

Real Wedding Josephine & Tobi

Kaviar Gauche Bride Josephine Meister

A few weeks ago Josephine and Tobi celebrated their wedding in the picturesque Puglia region of Italy. The bride wore the Champagne Sleeve Dress from the Blanc de Blancs collection and the Maxi Veil by Kaviar Gauche. This style ran through the entire wedding, from the invitations to the decoration. The bridal couple celebrated together with their family and friends. Their beautiful moments were captured by Kreative Wedding.
We wish the dream couple all the best on their way and a wonderful future.


Real Wedding Kat & Hugh

Real Wedding Kat und Hugh

Kat and Hugh celebrated their dream wedding in the middle of the wonderful landscape of Tuscany.
The beauty of the Kaviar Gauche bride was further enhanced by the elegant White Iris Wedding Dress from the White Iris Collection. The studio in Berlin created the wedding dress individually for her. We wish the bridal couple a wonderful future together.
Chris & Ruth Photography captured this moment within the golden hour.



Delia Fischer Hochzeit

Suitably to the summer a very special Kaviar Gauche bride married. Last weekend the wonderful bride Delia Fischer and her groom Max Lachance got married in sunny Ibiza. The Kaviar Gauche bride wore the Flirty Daisy dress from the La Vie En Rose Collection. The princess style bridal look was rounded off by the meter-long Daisy Couture veil. Both the modern wedding dress and the gorgeous veil were decorated with pink Swarovski stones. We wish the beautiful bridal couple a wonderful honeymoon and a promising future. The entire wedding look is available in our Online Store and in our Bridal Concept Stores in Munich, Berlin and Düsseldorf.

Real Wedding Mimi & Otto

Mimi Fiedler Hochzeit

The actress Mimi Fiedler celebrated her dream wedding with her husband Otto Steiner at Pertenstein Castle in Chiemgau. The bride enchanted her groom-to-be and the guests with a wonderful wedding dress from Kaviar Gauche Bridal Couture, consisting of a combination of the Rosebud Skirt and a modern cut-out top with an enchanting heart neckline. As a special highlight she wore a long petit pois veil with a hairpiece made of leather flowers. For the wedding ceremony the modern bride changed into a Kaviar Gauche classic, the Asymmetric Bustier Overall and the Bubble Lace Cape from the Blanc de Blancs Collection. Both bridal looks are available in our Bridal Concept Stores in Berlin, Munich and Düsseldorf.
We wish the dream couple all the best with all our heart.
Photo: Lottermann/Fuentes

Real Wedding Charly

Real Wedding Charly


Our favorite wedding photographer Tali Photography sent us this stunning pictures. The Kaviar Gauche bride Charly as well as our Champagne Sleeve Dress were perfectly staged when the sun went down in Marrakesh. The boho style  wedding dress is from the brand new Blanc de Blancs Collection - view the whole collection here.

Credit: Tali Photography

Real Wedding Johanna Klum

Kaviar Gauche Braut Johanna Klum

We received this beautiful civil wedding impression from Kaviar Gauche Bride Johanna. The bride looks beautiful as a fairytale and enchants in her Iris Butterfly Dress. The wedding gown is part of the white Iris collection and available in our stores in Berlin, Dusseldorf and Munich


Photo: Oana Szekely

Real Wedding Carola & Patrick

Kaviar Gauche Real Wedding Carola and Patrick

Wien Museum Hermesvilla

Carola and Patrick celebrated their dream wedding at the beautiful Hermesvilla in their hometown Vienna.
Carola shines in her made-to-measure combination of our Flirty Daisy Top and the Rosebud Skirt. The dress was made in elaborate handwork in our Berlin studio.
We wish the bridal couple all the best and a bright common 

Photo: Julia & Gil

Real Wedding Franzi & Jan

Real Wedding Franzi & Jan

This photo was sent to us by Franzi & Jan on their wedding day at Gut Mönkhof in Lübeck. Showing a series of magnificent photos, the wedding-blog “Planliebe” lets us know how beautiful this day was celebrated by the couple. The bride looks stunning wearing the Petite Sleeve Dress in combination with the classic Kaviar Gauche Accessoires like the Metallic Belt and Veil.

Photo: Planliebe


Real Wedding Anne & Benny

Real Wedding Anne & Benny
We are totally in love with this dream couple. Anne & Benny are looking marvelous at their summer weeding. The bride wears the Wonderland Dress from the Alice - Through the Looking Glass Capsule Collection, adorned with numerous ornaments and beautiful trimmings. She combines it perfectly with Kaviar Gauch's statement piece the metallic belt, pumps and a veil.  

Picture: Hey Lovely Photography

Real Wedding Anneka & Simon

Real Wedding Anneka & Simon
Happy Faces, Happy Moment, Happy Couple. Anneka charms us in her bohemian bridal look while wearing the Kaviar Gauche Trompette Dress. It fits perfectly to her boho attitude and the flower crown. We can not stop looking at these two beauties!

Picture: Eric Rene Penoy

Real Wedding Karin & Georg

Real Wedding Karin & Georg

KARIN & GEORG celebrated their Dreamwedding in the fairytale Hotel Cap Rocat in Mallorca. The Bride enchantes in a couture dress from the Hint of Grace collection all the guest, her husband Georg as well as us ♡ The couture dress was made in elaborate handwork and with a lot of Love in our Berlin Studio. On request we have a selection of couture dresses in our Bridal Concept Stores in Berlin, Munich and Dusseldorf for fittings.

Picture: Julia und Gil

Real Wedding Diana & Daniel

Real Wedding Diana & Daniel

We got this Breathtaking Impression from our Kaviar Gauche bride Diana. Her wedding took place at the San Francisco city hall and the bride was wearing our Papillon D'Amour Dress. All the best for this lovely couple ♡♡♡.

Picture: Phil Chester

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Real Wedding Jana & Philipp

Real Wedding Jana & Philipp

What a Dream-Team:  Jana & Philipp are one seriously stylish pair. The Kaviar Gauche Bride is wearing three of our all-time favorites: the Asymmetric Bustier Overall combined with the Metallic Belt and the Plain Pump in Metallic gold.

Picture: Flitterjazz


Real Wedding Hülya & Orlando

Real Wedding Hülya & Orlando

An Unforgettable Moment captured by our favorite wedding photographers from Tali Photography  Hülya beams in our Flirty Daisy Dress from the current Bridal Couture collection Sans Souci. Not only Orlando but also we are in Love with this beautiful Bride.
If you want such wonderful pictures from your Wedding Day as well - we can highly recommend Tali Photography.

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Real Wedding Claudia & Jan

Real Wedding Claudia & Jan

We love magical moments. The wedding of Claudia & Jan last summer had a lot of it. The bride was wearing the Florence Allover dress from our Papillon D'Amour Collection. An aura of cool elegance was effected by the lightness of the floral lace. This romantic dress as well as the beautiful bride show once again that 'less is more'.

Picture: Gabor Martin


Real Wedding Josy & Joey

Real Wedding Josy & Joey

One oft he most impressing weddings of this wedding season: Josy & Joey – The Dobbertinis – were celebrating their special day in Italy. Surrounded by the beautiful nature of Tuscany Josy was wearing the Silver Flower Strap Dress from the Couture Collection. ‚A Hint of Grace’ is the theme of the collection but also the perfect characterisation of this stunning Kaviar Gauche bride. 

Real Wedding Carina & Mario

Real Wedding Carina & Mario

Carina and Mario Gomez were celebrating their dreamwedding in summery Munich. The bride enchanted all the guests with her classic elegance and feminine lightness. To her made-to-measure outfit she combined the Metallic Bow Belt in silver - the Kaviar Gauche signature piece. Thank you Carina for wearing Kaviar Gauche with such a great charisma ♥

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Real Wedding Livia & Felix

Real Wedding Livia & Felix

A stormy wedding portrait at a castle – a scene as beautiful as taken from a classical painting! However, this strongly expressive snapshot of Livia and her groom Felix stems from the here and now. The picture was taken at the Drachenburg castle last spring, with a view onto the ‘Siebengebirge’ mountain region by the Rhine. Wearing the Papillon D'Amour Dress, the bride Livia blended in perfectly with the impressive location and reminds us of a fairytale-like appearance.   

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Real Wedding Marlitt & Leroy

Braut Hochzeitskleid Brautkleid Hochzeit Berlin

The Bridal season 2015 is finally over. We look back on a great year full of Love  and Light. A big Thank you goes to all our enchanting beautiful and inspiring brides for their confidence in Kaviar Gauche. Each customer has given us a lot of pleasure and we are very proud of all the lovely wedding pictures we received from our #kaviargauchebride
As a little thank-you gift we give away a Kaviar Gauche surprise. You just have to tag your wedding picture with #kaviargauchebride on Instagram. Show us your #kaviargauche moment! You can participate until the end of January 2016.

Your Kaviar Gauche Team 

Real Wedding Jasmin

Real Wedding Jasmin

A stunning bride in a magical gown: Jasmin is wearing an made-to-measure production of our Petite Fleur Collection at her dream wedding in Rome. The Virginie Tull Dress was combined with a graceful tie and gives the bride an unique look! The delicate appearance of the couture gown is a result of the mesmerizing french lace that unites precise lines with romantic details. Send us your Bridal Story at [email protected] or tag your photo on Instagram with #kaviargauchebride and become part of our Kaviar Gauche  Real Weddings. We look forward to receive your photos and stories!
Picture: Tali Photography

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real wedding Katharina & Nicolas

Real Wedding Katharina & Nicolas

Perfect light, perfect couple, perfect dress… the bride wears one of our Classics: the Bustier Dress with our popular Metallic Bow Belt Maxi. Photographed by Fran Burrows Photography at Tempelhofer Feld. Simply gorgeous. Send us your Bridal Story at [email protected] or tag your photo on Instagram with #kaviargauchebride and become part of our Kaviar Gauche ♡ Real Weddings. We look forward to your photos and stories!

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Real Wedding Nalan & Lenz

Happy Couple Nalan & Lenz

Dream wedding in South Tyrol. Nalan beams in our Mystic Rose Dress of the Bridal Couture Collection Petite Fleur and inspires with her simple elegance. Would you also like to be part of the Kaviar Gauche Real Weddings, then send us your Bridal Story at [email protected]! We are happy to receive pictures and stories!

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